The Beginning Of A New Era Of Adaptive Businesses

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November 22, 2011
The End Of Business As Usual
By Brian Solis
Dave Peck is the author of Think Before you Engage, a new book that guides readers through 100 questions to ask before starting a social media marketing campaign. He asked me to write the foreword and as a friend and neighbor, I of course said yes. But, the only condition was that upon publishing, I could share the foreword with you here…

The End of Business as Usual and the Beginning of a New Era of Adaptive Businesses

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Yelp, Foursquare, it seems that every day, there's a new network that is capturing the attention of consumers everywhere. These social networks were once thought to be the playgrounds of the millennial. Now these networks dominate global headlines, changing the way that everyday people connect and communicate with one another. But that's just the beginning of where this story unfolds. Social networks are fundamentally transforming the way people find and share everything that's important to them.

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